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Property Owners:

Professional Management Group, Inc. offers full management of the property, including, but not limited to:

  • Marketing to potential tenants.
  • Preparing and showing the property.
  • Accepting the application and running the background check.
  • Providing and reviewing the lease with the tenants, and obtain signatures from the tenants.
  • Collect a security deposit that amounts to one month’s rent and hold the security deposit in our trust account.
  • Collect first month’s rent, and future monthly rents.
  • Handle all tenant issues and dispatch maintenance as needed.

The owner always has the final say as to whether the property is to be rented to a particular tenant.

If you’re just needing help with locating and vetting a tenant for your property, we have a Finder’s Fee program that serves that purpose. Service Fee

A flat service fee will be charged and withheld each month from the rent collected. The balance will be paid to the owner at the end of the month. This fee does not include maintenance labor and/or materials, nor does it cover any legal fees or eviction fees should an eviction be necessary. Finder’s Fee Management Service

Professional Management Group, Inc. initiates the services by finding a tenant, including, but not limited to marketing for the potential tenants, showing the property, taking the application, running the background check, providing the lease. We also review the lease with the tenants, obtain their signatures, collect the security deposit, and first month’s rent.

The tenant and the property will then become the owner’s responsibility. The owner will handle all tenant issues, collection of rents, evictions, etc. The fee for this service is equal to one month’s rent and will be deducted from the initial monies collected from the tenant. The remaining balance will then be paid to the owner. This fee does not include any other administrative, maintenance, or legal services.

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